Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Responsibility

We’re focused on building a bright future for our employees, communities, and our environment by leaving more than we take. Because doing the right thing is the CORE of our business. 

Through CORE, we will:

  • Help define the future of the waste industry with progressive thinking and leadership
  • Create products and a standard of behavior that respects the environment for future generations
  • Employ a diverse workforce, provide development opportunities, and value differing perspectives
  • Continue to demonstrate social consciousness through Wastequip Cares and the foresight that makes one proud to work for or do business with Wastequip

Championed by our senior leadership team, and implemented by our sustainability and research team, CORE will build on what we are already doing, approach data from a new perspective, and provide insights to drive future performance and impacts across three pillars:

  • People. We believe our people should feel this is the best job they’ve ever had. We are focused on safety, diversity, and creating more fulfilling work environments, so we can continue to be the employee’s choice for the best place to work.  We’re building on our diverse team, with an emphasis on bringing more women into the waste industry and mentoring their growth.
  • Planet. We believe in leaving more than we take from our environment. We will strengthen our support of the circular economy by sourcing responsibly, reducing our carbon footprint, emissions, and energy use and by developing more products with environmental benefits. 
  • Profit. We believe that doing the right thing makes good business sense. Our CORE efforts, with responsible and informed business decisions, will drive the company growth and profitability needed to support Wastequip’s continued innovation and positive impact. Through Wastequip Cares, we will continue to generously support charitable giving and causes that help build a strong future for our industry and the communities we serve. 

We are excited to create a bold and brilliant future.